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Amersham Station September 1962

One of the final steam services at Amersham in September 1962

Photograph Courtesy of David Ratcliffe
A train for Baker Street at Amersham in 1961. The train is comprised of T Stock.

On 4 July 2004 a 1938 stock train visited Amersham as part of the Uxbridge 100 Rail Tour, celebrating 100 years of the service to Uxbridge.

1938 stock has not often been to Amersham, although it has made appearances on previous rail tours.

Platform 1 at Amersham 04/07/04

Platform 1 at Amersham with the 1938 stock train celebrating the 100 years of rail service to Uxbridge viewed from the public footbridge

The 1938 stock alongside platform 1 at Amersham with an A60 stock train in the background

Locomotive 44819 at Amersham Station on 1959

Amersham Station in 1958 before the alterations associated with the electrification of the Metropolitan Line to Amersham. Note, only two platforms (the current Aylesbury platform was built for the electrification) and the old signal box at the end of the platform replaced by the new signal cabin sited on the far side of the station. The platforms are also shorter than they are today. Also note the windows on the footbridge, replaced in the 1970s by plastic sheeting.

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