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A Selection of Books Covering Railways Around the Amersham Area

The railways in the area around Amersham have an interesting history and possibly an interesting future. There are many books featuring the railways. I am grateful to Frank Phillipson for compiling the majority of the below list of books which readers may find of interest. Other additions welcome. please email the webmaster.

Title Author Publisher Date
British Railways Past & Present
Nos 24 Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire & West Hertfordshire
Paul Shannon Past & Present Publications 1995
Steam on the Underground M Smith Ian Allan 1994
Steam to Silver
An Illustrated History of L.T. Surface Railway Rolling Stock
J Graeme Bruce London Transport 1970
Rail Portfolios Nos. 16
London Transport Railways
J Glover Ian Allan 1991
Glory Days Metropolitan Railway J Glover Ian Allan 1998
The Last days of Steam In Buckinghamshire J Healy Alan Sutton 1989
Metroland 1932 Edition Metropolitan Railway Reprint
London Transport
Old Castle Books Ltd.
The Metropolitan Line Mike Horne Capital Transport 2003
The Metropolitan Line London's First Underground Railway Clive Foxell The History Press Ltd
The Story of the Met & GC Joint Line Clive Foxell Clive Foxell 2000
Memories of the Met & GC Joint Line Clive Foxell Clive Foxell 2002
Chesham Shuttle
The Story of a Metropolitan Branch Line
Clive Foxell Clive Foxell 1996
Chesham Branch Album Clive Foxell Clive Foxell 1998
The Great Western & Great Central Joint Railway Stanley C Jenkins Oakwood Press 1978
London's Metropolitan Railway Alan A Jackson David & Charles 1986
Marylebone to Rickmansworth V Mitchell & K Smith Middleton Press 2005
Rickmansworth to Aylesbury V Mitchell & K Smith Middleton Press 2005
Paddington to princess Risborough V Mitchell & K Smith Middleton Press 2002
Princess Risborough to Banbury V Mitchell & K Smith Middleton Press 2002
Celebration of Steam - The Chilterns Laurence Waters Ian Allan 1995
Steam on the Met 1992 Produced for the Metropolitan Line by Capital Transport 1992
Railway Track Diagrams
5 England South & London Underground
  Quail Map Company 1994
A History of the Metropolitan Railway
Vol. One The Circle and the Extended Lines to Rickmansworth
Bill Simpson Lamplight Publications 2003
A History of the Metropolitan Railway
Vol. Two The Railway from Rickmansworth to Aylesbury
Bill Simpson Lamplight Publications 2004
The Later Years of Metropolitan Steam H C Casserley D Bradford Barton  
Metropolitan Electric Locomotives K R Benest
The Electric Railway Society / The London Underground Railway Society
Lens of Sutton 1963
The Story of London Underground John R Day London Transport 1963 / 1979
Metro Memories, A Pictorial History of Metroland D Edwards & R Pigram Midus Books 1977
The Romance of Metroland D Edwards & R Pigram Midus Books 1979
The Golden Years of the Metropolitan Railway and the Metroland Dream D Edwards & R Pigram Midus Books 1983
The Final Link A Pictorial History of the G.W. & G.C. Joint Line D Edwards & R Pigram Midus Books 1982
The History of the Chiltern Line J Healy Greenwich Editions 1996
The Met. & G.C. Joint Line
An Observers Notes 1948 - 1968
A Reed Avon Books 1997
The Making of a Railway
(Building the G.C. Main Line)
L T C Rolt Godfrey Cave Associates 1979
Echoes of the Great Central J Healy Foulis - CPC . Haynes 1987
Great Central Memories J Healy Baton Transport 1987
Trains Illustrated, British Railways Then & Now
Nos. 11 The Great Central
  Ian Allan  
The Great Central form the Footplate R Robotham & F S Trafford Ian Allan 1988
The Last years of the Great Central Main Line R Robotham Ian Allan 1986
Great Central Twilight
Memories of a Lost Mainline to London
C Walker Pendyke Publications 1986
Main Line Lament, The Final years of the G.C. Route to London C Walker Oxford Publishing Company 1973
The Great Central then & Now M Hawkins David & Charles 1991
The London Underground Surface Stocks Ian Huntley Ian Allan 1988
The London Underground An Illustrated History O Green Ian Allan 1987
London Transport Buses & Trains Since 1933 John Glover Ian Allan 1988
London and its Railways R Davies & M Grant David & Charles 1983
The Last Drop, London Transport Steam 1863 - 1971 J Day & W Fenton London Transport 1971
Chesham Metropolitan Branch Line Centenary 1889 - 1989 Chesham Town Council   1989
Steam Railway Magazine
May 1985
  Richard Hopkins 1985
Track Layout Diagrams of the G.W.R. and BR W.R
Section 26 Banbury Direct Line (Includes G.W. & G.C. Joint Line)
R A Cooke R A Cooke 1979
Railway World Special
Steam returns to London (Marylebone)
J Jackson Ian Allan 1990
Paddington to the Mersey (Includes G.W. & G.C. Joint Line) Dr. R Preston Hendry & R Powell Hendry Oxford Publishing Company 1992
Last Years of Steam: Paddington - Wolverhampton (Includes G.W. & G.C. Joint Line) L Waters Ian Allan 1988
The District Controllers View. BR Steam Operating. Nos. 3 Marylebone - Rugby P Stears XPress Publishing  
Forgotten Railways
Chilterns & Cotswolds
R Davies & M D Grant David & Charles 1975
A Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain
Vol: 13 Thames & Severn
R Christiansen David & Charles 1981
London's Underground H F Houson Ian Allan 1986
Metropolitan Steam E J S Gadsden Roundhouse Books 1963
London Commuter Lines Frank Hornby Silver Link 1995
Metropolitan Steam Locomotives Frank Goudie Capital Transport 1990
Added Titles      
Railways Through The Chilterns C.R.L. Coles Ian Allan 1980
The Metropolitan Line
A Brief History
Charles E Lee London Transport 1972
London Transport Railways Album Chris Heaps Ian Allan 1978
Rails to Metroland Clive Foxall Clive Foxall 2005
London Transport In Colour 1950-1969 Kevin McCormack Ian Allan 2005
London's Metroland Alan A Jackson Capital History 2006
British Railways Past & Present
Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and West Hertfordshire
Paul Shannon Past & Present Publishing 1995 /
GREAT CENTRAL - THE TWILIGHT YEARS - Rugby to Woodford Halse & Great Central & Joint Lines Southward Anthony E. Newman Prvate Publication. LIMITED EDITION  ISBN 978-0-9694407-6-5 2007

You may also be interested in videos covering the railways of the area. Details can be found here

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