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Inside Amersham Signal Cabin

Have you ever wondered what the inside of Amersham signal box looks like? Thanks to Bill Davison of Anorak Heaven we can get a glimpse inside.

The pictures below were taken in 1969 when Bill was a Railway Operating Apprentice on London Transport.

Picture courtesy of Bill Davison

The picture shows the push button console controlling Amersham, Chesham and Chalfont & Latimer.

Picture courtesy of Bill Davison

This picture shows the illuminated red style diagram. Red line denotes a train

Picture courtesy of Bill Davison

This picture taken from the signal box shows a British Rail D.M.U. bound for Aylesbury entering Amersham down road platform number 1 in 1969. Note the goods loop line and the old goods shed in the background.

The Amersham signal cabin was built for the electrification of the Metropolitan services to Amersham. Prior to that, Amersham's signal box was at the London end of northbound platform as shown in the picture below from the 1930s, far right..

Picture taken by Richard Hardy and reproduced here with his kind permission. Copyright Richard Hardy. Further details - The Transport Treasury

The Amersham Signal Cabin is due to close when the new signalling for the Metropolitan line is introduced.

Anersham Signal Cabin

Another view of the inside of the Cabin from February 1975

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