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Main Line Locomotive Return To Amersham
Engineering Possession 19/20 Aug '06
& 07/08 Oct '06

Main line locomotives returned to the Metropolitan Line on August 19, 2006. Not in charge of passenger trains, but instead taking part in Metronet's major track renewal programme.

Class 66 locomotives provided the necessary motive power over the weekend. Any additional information / corrections gladly received.

Locomotive 66719 along side platform 2 at Amersham Station Locomotive 66722 south of Amersham Station, viewed from Hyrons Bridge. Why do locomotives always position themselves where you can't get a decent picture!
Amersham Station viewed from the top of the multi story car park. Track replacement in progress along side platform 3 at Amersham. The line on the far right is a siding and is not electrified, the other track has had its conductor rails removed.
Work underway beyond the end of platform 3 Looking South from the footbridge
View from Hyrons bridge looking north to Amersham station Another view north. Again, the line on the right is an un electrified siding
Looking towards Hyrons Bridge View south from Hyrons Bridge
Unlike cricket, rain and bad light does not cause a problem! One of the class 66 in Amersham station South of Hyrons Bridge, lights provide illumination for the night work
A remote control tamper prepares the track bed Looking towards Amersham station
On August 20 work continued both sides of Amersham station.
Class 66 at Amersham
On August 20 66709 was on duty 66709 viewed from the top of the multi story car park

The below video has been made available by Chris Cobley.
It shows a class 66s going through Rickmansworth with one of the engineering trains.

On 7th October, work was carried out on the other lines through Amersham

66772 at the north end of Amersham station.

Work being carried out on the track through platform 2

Engineers train by platform 1

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